Find new customers and increase your sales potential

Encontre as Melhores Empresas para Prospecção

Through advanced companies search filters and segments, find out which are the best Leads for your prospecting.

This way, you will increase the efficiency of your prospecting strategy, developing a relationship with the Leads that will possibly generate more revenue return for your business.

Create Segments and Lists

Create segments and lists for your prospecting, allowing you to develop personalized communication for leads or customers.

Create Segments of your lists manually or automatically, by tagging or importing lists.

Elaborate personalized email cadences to prospection

Build personalized email cadences for each segmentation of your prospect.

Through personalized email templates, you can create custom marketing automation to contact your prospects.

 Therefore, maximize your conversion rate and not miss any opportunity for lack of control.


Meet the decision-makers of the companies you want to prospect.

Through Leads2b's Shareholders Finder Tool, you can find out who is the shareholders of the company that you want to prospect.

It’s also possible to identify the entrepreneur's social map, understanding who his partners are and related companies.



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