Digital Marketing

Build and increase your comercial results using digital media resources.

Create your site, blog and landing pages

Being present in the digital environment nowadays it’s fundamental to every successful business. With Leads2b you’ll be able to build your sites with our constructor visually and intuitively, without a programmer.

Besides that, you can build your landing pages and capture your leads in a few minutes.

Doing everything on the same platform, you can increase the productivity of your marketing and sales team and improve the control of the leads.

Build e-mail sequences

With Leads2b, you develop sequences of email, keeping the relationship with the lead and capturing the ones with a bigger interest in your solution until the moment to close the deal.

Automate your content and relationship actions with your leads and your customer base.

Elaborate personalized email cadences to prospection

Through personalized templates, in the Leads2b platform, you build emails to every buying funnel step and the buying moment of your lead.

This way, you bring context and personalization to every contact in your base, increasing the results of your email marketing strategies.

Create campaigns to every segment of your contact base

To have bigger personalization and context to every moment of contact with your leads base, on Leads2b you can build lists with many types of segmentation.

In case you have a list of contacts outside the platform, it is also possible to import your lists and elaborate a different communication with each one of them.



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